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Viking Slat Bed - Based on the Oseberg and Gokstad Beds

For Gulf Wars, I'm planning to build a new camp bed. One that will be sized for a King Sized Coleman air mattress, but will look (and be) more or less period. After much research, calculations, and working with Google's Sketchup (a program I *highly* suggest for any woodworkers out there), this is what I have come up with:

My Design:

LINK to *HUGE* image:

*EDIT* - upon suggestion of others, and consideration of my own, I've redesigned  it with a center spine for added support.   Here are the images of that:

LINK to HUGE image:

LINK to HUGE image:

Here are images of what I am basing this (more or less) from:

Gokstad Bed:


Oseberg Bed:

Probably going to make it out of Poplar, since it is easy to find, not that expensive, and easy to work with. The corner posts will likely be Pine or whatever 4x4 I can find to make it from.

As an FYI: All the boards I created in Sketchup are standard to what you can find in Lowe's, Home Depot, etc... IE - 4x4, 1x12, 1x8, 2x8, 1x4, etc... Thus, it will be easy to find the lumber needed. And yes, the boards are made to the real sizes the planks come in (IE - a 4x4 is actually 3.5 x 3.5 inches, etc.).

Eventually I want to make the dragon head sideboards like in the Oseberg bed above...but that'll be a while.
So...what opinion do you gentles have on this?   Good?  Bad?  Ugly?  ;-)

-THL Asbrand of Norway
Shire of Owl's Nest
Kingdom of Meridies

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