November 24th, 2008

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The Best, Easiest Things To Avoid or Remove from your SCA Kit

This list will expand over time and will be available at . I think of these things, know I should write them down, and then forget. Now it is here, and I'll come back to it as other things resurface in my mind.

The idea here is to note the things that 1) too many people do, 2) Are easy or cheap to change or avoid, 3) are in no way medieval. Feel free to chime in!

  • Ring Belts. I've never seen an example of one of these in period. Belts have real buckles.
  • T shirts whose collars are visible under your tunic. Get an undertunic, or a v neck t if you must.
  • Tankard Holders. These are from the 1970's Renn Faire Period.
  • More than 2 favors on your belt. Some people look like rag merchants from so many.
Update: For those interested in a more measured, focused set of responses to this entry, please see the aforementioned or

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