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Memory eternal!

I received this as a forward on the Ansteorra list:

For those who knew my Brother, Sir Starhelm (of the quirky humour* and just
lately back from the Big Sandbox), I regret to have to confirm that he has
passed on. His heart failed while driving (luckily, his wife was able to
take the wheel and get to safety). The army is honouring his wish to be an
organ donor even as I type this.

Please spare some thought for his wife and family. This was completely

I grieve. It is a true loss to the Knighthood and to the Great Dark Horde.


 *As an example of his humour, those of you who were at Pennsic one year may
 remember a squire walking around with a tabard on it with a man's face
 artfully depicted on the front and the words "My knight went to Turin and
all I got was this lousy tabard" on the back.

Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison!  May his memory be eternal and may he find rest where there is no pain, nor suffering, but only life unending.

In Sad Service,
Helena Dalassene

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