Devo (kmelion) wrote in sca,

A question of lentils

A Rabbi was writing about the lentil soup Jacob was making and how his brother Esau demanded it. Lentil soup is not red

The popular belief is that it is specifically RED lentils but as the Rabbi explains, when red lentils are cooked, they are no longer red in color.

His question is why is there such an emphasis on the redness of the lentils if in fact once it was cooked, it wasn't red at all.

He seems determined to disbelieve those who say that perhaps the lentils of thousands of years ago were not the same as what we have today simply because he hasn't been able to find anything that would support this theory.

So I was wondering if anyone happens to have any info on whether or not the lentils of yesteryear are different from the lentils we eat today.

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