Irene (girlygothic) wrote in sca,

Looking for Tent Information/Research

Pennsic this year was not nearly the deluge it was last year. But I think I've hit my limit for dealing with rain in a modern tent. So I'm thinking for next year I want to upgrade to a period pavillion. But of course I can't make up my mind. So I'm wondering if anyone out there might have already done some research so I won't have to...

I've heard that a gable-end marquis (also known as a trader tent, and pictured in the pop-up image here) isn't really period for the SCA. But I've also heard that a wall tent (pictured in the second photo here) is period (for Roman).

But to me, they just seem like different heights of the same tent. So does anyone know of any taller examples from Roman times? Or, ideally, does anyone know of any examples of a gable-end marquis being used during the Middle Ages?
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