THese are not my monkeys… this is not my circus… (wldrose) wrote in sca,
THese are not my monkeys… this is not my circus…

Bulk cooking

Cooking for events falls in to two categorys I believe. One is period recipes that are as close to period as we can get, and the other is periodoid cook for a large group with as little as possible be glaringly modern.

(truth be told I am much closer to the second myself)

No matter what combination of the two you use cooking a feast the first few times can be scary. I have found that these army recipes are a great guide to figuring out how much of what to cook and for how long. They make 100 portions each but are easy to scale up or down. While none are period some of them like beef barly soup,  Gingerbread, or Honey Glazed duck and many others are easily peroidoid.

You might want to keep this url for newer cooks to take a look at while they do research.

(I know there are lots of great period recipes and many areas have books for large quanty cooking but more data cant hurt)

Y.I.S. Ash Aka Ashley of Ashley, Clan Kilkenny, East
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