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A Friendship Challenge

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Be the change you wish to see – take that first step and join the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Friendship Challenge that I presented to the Kingdom this spring. This challenge is meant to help strengthen and grow our Kingdoms, the Society, as well as us as individuals. Over the next year, I chall
enge all of you to seek to build and strengthen: friendships, relationships between individuals, households, local groups, Kingdoms, and our Society as whole. Consider it a year of tending our garden to help the SCA grow and flourish together.

Some ways to do this could be:
1. Hosting joint meetings/fighter practices

2. Opening up your home/hosting a SCA Social, A & S, Newcomers, or All (Social, A & S, & Newcomers all at the same time) Nights
3. Inviting people to join you in your activity that appear to be alone at an event or meeting
4. Introducing yourself to new people or people you don’t know very well
5. Sharing your A & S or fighting talents by teaching them to others within the Kingdom
6. Tell someone that you are thankful/grateful for something nice that they did
7. Volunteer and offer to help at events or activities, even if it is not your household or local group is not hosting it
8. Encourage others and help them along the way as they find their way through the SCA

These are only a few ideas. I will promise you this right now, if you invite me to an activity, I will do my best to be a part of the event/activity. I will do my best over the next year to encourage and cultivate friendship and the growth of individuals and the SCA as a whole. Will you join me in this challenge? I hope so… nothing is fun without having friends by your side : )
Always Yours in Service and Friendship,

Herrin Emeludt Hänsler (mka Emmie Smith)
Southern Regional Deputy Chatelain, Kingdom of Atlantia
Emergency Deputy Chatelain, Kingdom of Atlantia
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