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I know some of you are medieval-music junkies, or know some MMJ's. And I believe some of you know I've acquired a few pre-17th-century books, some of which are musical in nature (e.g., Giovanelli's Novi [atque catholici] thesauri musici.) As far as I know, some of the music has never been published in modern editions, and I suspect (without much proof) that some of the music therein has never been recorded.

The books I have have been digitized, thanks to a Nikon D300 digital camera, a fair amount of time, and tendonitis in the thumb that's pressed the shutter release way too often.

I'm wondering if there's a good way to let medieval-music groups know that such a resource is available for their use and/or redaction and/or editing, translating, publishing, etc., etc., etc., without making me sound more like an idiot than I do now, posting this here. ("Hi. You don't know me, since I have absolutely no credentials in either the medieval music field or in performance. I happen to have these, like, really old books with, y'know, like, really old music that've been digitized. Wanna use them?" .....and the answer comes back, "Who is this idiot?") And then there's the problem that, as a non-medieval-music specialist, I don't know where to begin checking to see if I'm right in assuming no modern editions and/or no recordings.

Any suggestions as to how to proceed? And how to persuade anyone that I do indeed have the books, that they are indeed digitized, and that I am willing to provide the images?

...and if anyone in the SCA knows of any groups wanting some really nice period music to sing at events....

(Just to reassure all y'all here, I don't seem to have posted any good examples of what I have, but there is an indifferent set of images from Guidetti's Directorium Chori Ad Usum Omnium Ecclesiarum Cathedralium, & Collegiaturum here.)

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I have a cunning plan!

Here is the first draft of a Pennsic class.

It will be taught from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.on the middle Saturday in East Kingdom Royal, but is part of Pennsic University and open to all.

I will probably reprise it on the middle Monday.

I would love to get some ideas about what to discuss in the class and some semi-commitment from peers who might coem visit, especially non-Eastern and royal peers.

SCA 102: Two hours. The first hour of this class will discuss topics such as awards, titles, officer positions and other items of interest to those who have a small amount of SCA experience. (Note: Brand-new folks are also welcome to attend). The second hour will discuss the peerages and how to combat "peer fear." We hope to have a number of peers, both Eastern and from other kingdoms, on hand to talk to participants and share their newcomer experience.


Some good news!

I wanted to make sure no one missed the following:

1. Prince Ajax of the Mists has accepted the offer of elevation to the Order of Chivalry. His ceremony will be at Pennsic.

2. Duchess Kaye of Calontir will be elevated to the Order of the Chivalry. I do not have a date.

3. Don Fergus McRae and the Laurel we all know as Vairavi will become baron and baroness of Carolingia in May.(East)

4. Svan of Anglespur is now Mistress Svan and is a member of the Order of the Pelican. (East)

I love this game.
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SCA feast menus and recipes, and the keeping thereof

I haven't looked around for this (since it only occurred to me five minutes ago, and I'm twenty minutes past my usual bedtime), so if it already exists, excuse please.

I'm on the Calontir list, and several people have raved about this past weekend's feast for Coronation; it struck me that if that many people loved what they ate, there should be a way to keep the menu and the recipes around somewhere publicly (preferably with, of course, references to the original recipes, annotations thereof, and appropriate bibliographic references).

Does there exist a mailing list, or group, or LJ grouping, or Yahoo group, or some such, that has menus and recipes from really, really good SCA feasts? The ones that people will remember fondly for ten years?

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Alban, old, used, and retired shire assistant chief kitchen wench

Pirate Shirt poll

Poll #1826432 Pirate Poll

Which design should be used as the shirt design?

Engineer (one on the left)
Agent (one on the Right)

Would you prefer black ink on an ash grey shirt or white ink on a black shirt?

Black ink on an ash grey shirt
White ink on a black shirt

One of these two designs will be printed up for Estrella wars, And I offer you to chose the design. The final shirt will be printed up as Black ink on a ash gray shirt, or white ink on a black shirt. Please don't ask to change the text from the two offered.

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Charity Auction

A friend of mine in Midrealm is hosting a charity auction on the Facebook page for her jewelry business.

The auction is to benefit Patty Rogers (Fauna of Rivenstar for those in the SCA), whose 12 yr old daughter is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. The majority of the items are handmade including homemade soaps, a paracord bracelet, chocolates, and my friend's jewelry. There are instructions for the auction and each item notes how much of the proceeds will go toward the cause.

The auction ends on March 1st at 12 p.m. Eastern time.

Here's the link to the Facebook page (which you have to "Like" before bidding on anything in the auction):

Here's the link to the auction's album (the first photo is the rules, which you have to agree to before bidding):

Note to mods: If this post is not allowed, feel free to delete it. I don't benefit in any way from posting this; it's merely to help a fellow SCAdian. :)
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RIP Chon of the Great Dark Horde

Sadly, I have another death to report. Wayne Himes, known as Chon of the Great Dark Horde, passed away last week. He is preceded to the Great Beyond by his long-time partner Chimbai, and leaves behind his new husband Allen and his daughter. Chon was long a friend to me since my wee days at Pennsic and was always a friendly face and a good friend. We all grieve his untimely and unexpected passing.
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